‘Govts wash hands of asylum seekers’ lives’

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RT:The latest report by the Institute of Race Relations outlines what it describes as the ignorance of authorities towards migrants’ lives. How should these people be handled, as they turn up with no money and no plans? Liam O’Hare: This is a very clear fact that the authorities in the UK show a complete disregard for migrants and asylum seekers when they arrive there. And this report helps to illustrate that…

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Awkward! Greenpeace gloss over survey showing majority support for fracking

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The embarrassing statistic that 42 percent of people supported fracking, while only 35 were against the drilling technique, was placed in a footnote of the campaign group’s data. The survey published by the group was released in an attempt to rally support for the anti-fracking movement, but the figures they unwittingly discovered suggest support for the method of shale gas extraction is far more popular than government surveys have suggested. Only 24 percent admitted to supporting fracking in the latest Public Attitude Tracker survey from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, published in February this year. This survey notes that a similar proportion was opposed to the measure, and half were undecided…

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Russian attitude to the West still bad with tendency for changes – poll

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According to a public opinion poll conducted by the independent research center Levada in late March, 73 percent of Russians were negative towards the United States, whereas for the European Union the figure was 64 percent. Ukraine was the third-least-loved nation on 55 percent. Only 19 percent of Russians said they had a positive attitude to the US and just 25 percent expressed approval of the EU. Thirty-one percent said they had positive sentiments about Ukraine. …

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Gaddafi gone, but much more instability, violence in Libya

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RT: There has been another setback in the eastern-based Libyan government’s efforts to retake the capital which resulted in eight civilians dead. Could these civilian deaths lead them to re-think their strategy? Patrick James: I rather doubt it. Of course one thing we have to be really careful about is breaking news stories in terms of what actually happened…

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China’s manufacturing PMI falls to 11-month low

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The HSBC Flash China Manufacturing PMI for March fell to 49.2, compared with 50.7 in February, according to the survey by HSBC and financial data provider Markit, published on Tuesday. March figure slipped below the 50 level which separates expansion from contraction compared with the previous month when PMI climbed to its strongest level since July. READ MORE: China manufacturing PMI hits 4-month high in February but exports dive The weaker than expected Chinese PMI shows employment and prices are all softening in the manufacturing sector and suggests the 2014 fourth-quarter weakness in the world’s second largest economy is extending into the beginning of the new year. “The HSBC Flash China Manufacturing PMI signaled a slight deterioration in the health of China’s manufacturing sector in March…

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​Aircraft-less carriers: No point in new Navy vessel if no jets supplied, MPs warn

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The total cost of operating the aircraft carrier, which includes deploying additional ships to protect it and jets to launch from it, exceed Britain’s projected military spending, MPs warned. Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed the government’s intention to bring HMS Prince of Wales into service at the NATO summit in Wales last September. At the time, Cameron said the second aircraft carrier would enable the UK to “always have one carrier available, 100 percent of the time.” The Royal Navy has operated one aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, since last July. …

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​Western ISIS adventurism, Israel behind Hamas – new Assange revelations

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US has long wanted to bring Ukraine to West The United States has spent “a lot of time trying to bring Ukraine to the West,” the WikiLeaks founder said in an interview to Pagina/12, Argentinian newspaper on Monday. READ MORE: US to send more drones, Humvees to Ukraine “If it cannot be with a NATO membership, at least it becomes independent from Moscow’s sphere of influence, to reduce Russian industrial-military complex and its naval bases in Crimea.” READ MORE: Ukraine to participate in 11 NATO war games in 2015 Kiev first step closer to NATO was in December 2014, when President Petro Poroshenko signed a law canceling the Ukraine’ non-bloc status and promised to hold a national referendum on NATO accession in the next five to six years. In January, Kiev authorities announced that the Ukrainian army would take part in 11 international military drills in 2015 to bolster NATO standards in troops. …

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Boost NATO military presence in Eastern Europe – British MPs

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A report from the Select Defense Committee said while measures had been agreed upon, more time and resources need to be committed to NATO forces to ensure they have the capacity to meet potential Russian threats. The report, “Re-thinking defense to meet new threats,” also acknowledged the UK faces considerable danger from states dominated by radical jihadist groups. The proposed “reassurance measures,” intended to make NATO allies feel safer, were accepted at the NATO summit in Wales and include positioning equipment in the Baltic States, continuous presence of NATO troops on training in the Baltic, and the re-establishment of large-scale military exercises. …

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$100bn NATO claim: Serbian NGOs seek compensation for 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia

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A meeting of the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals and the Club of Generals and Admirals in Belgrade presented an initiative to hold 28-member NATO financially accountable for the damage that Yugoslavia sustained in the attacks. Serbian experts put the price tag of the devastation between $60 and $100 billion. Retired General Jovo Milanovic said that NATO’s military offensive, which was unsanctioned by the United Nations, represented “a violation of all norms of international law that caused enormous material damage to Yugoslavia and huge human casualties,” Tass quoted him as saying. …

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