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    Simply Recipes

  • Pork Stir Fry with Green Onion
    Don’t you love a good stir-fry? The following stir-fried pork recipe couldn’t be easier. All you need is lean pork, some green onions, and garlic. You marinate thin strips of pork first in a mixture of soy sauce, a little sugar, and cornstarch. The cornstarch marinade is a useful... Read more »
  • The Best (And Worst) Store-Bought Pie Crusts
    Do you love pie? I do. I love to make pie. I love to eat pie. I especially love a good homemade pie crust. In fact, I’ve spent years encouraging people to make their own pie crust from scratch (and even have the world’s most fool-proof pie crust recipe... Read more »
  • Easy Stromboli
    You have to love a recipe that looks like you worked hard when actually you didn’t do much at all. Stromboli, a cousin of calzone, fits into that category, and when you’re finished, you can feed the neighborhood. Continue reading "Easy Stromboli" »... Read more »
  • Turkey Meatloaf
    Ah, meatloaf…the American classic supper! Despite her desperate five o’clock scramble, my mom – an artist and mother of four — always managed to pull off a mean meatloaf. I remember her frantically pulling apart a slice or two of bread to make crumbs, and then throwing them into... Read more »
  • Meal Plan for October Week 3
    Welcome to our new series of weekly meal plans! This month, Summer Miller will be sharing with us what meal planning looks like in her house. Summer is a mom, a full-time food writer, and also helps test the fabulous recipes we bring you every week at Simply Recipes. Life is... Read more »

    Boing Boing

  • Take a look at the Gonzo Gizmo author's favorite tools
    My guest on the Cool Tools Show podcast this week is Simon Quellen Field. Simon is a chemist and former Google software engineer and is the author of over a dozen books, including Gonzo Gizmos, Return of Gonzo Gizmos, Culinary Reactions, Why is Milk White, Elements Vault, Why There's Antifreeze... Read more »
  • A new IoT botnet called Reaper could be far more virulent than Mirai
    In 2016, an Internet of Things worm called Mirai tore through the internet, building botnets of millions of badly designed CCTVs, PVRs, routers and other gadgets, sending unstoppable floods of traffic that took down major internet services from Paypal to Reddit to Dyn. (more…)... Read more »
  • There's nothing like relaxing at home with your dog
    "Petting your dog," writes Blake Boege, "is the most relaxing thing you can possibly do."... Read more »
  • A motion detecting light for your mailbox
    Last year I bought this mailbox light. You stick it inside your mailbox (it's got peel-off sticky tape). Two sensors - light and motion - sense what's happening. If they sense darkness and no motion (door closed) nothing happens. If they sense light and motion (opening the box in the... Read more »
  • Another truck rips its roof off on the infamous 11foot8bridge
    A train trestle in Gregson St. in Durham, NC has a clearance of 11' 8". Despite the warning signs and flashing lights advertising the lower-than-normal clearance, trucks collide with the trestle often enough that an enterprising person has set up a video camera to catch every spectacular collision.... Read more »

    Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

  • Betty Price Wonders If People With HIV Should Be Quarantined
    WASHINGTON — Georgia state Rep. Betty Price (R) — the wife of Tom Price, who resigned last month as President Donald Trump’s health secretary amid investigations into his frequent use of private planes — wonders if isolating people with HIV would help stop the disease’s spread.... Read more »
  • Iraqi forces complete Kirkuk province takeover after clashes with Kurds
    By Maher Chmaytelli and Raya Jalabi BAGHDAD/ERBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraqi forces on Friday took control of the last district in the oil-rich province of Kirkuk still in the hands of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters following a three-hour battle, security sources said. The district of Altun Kupri, or Perde in Kurdish,... Read more »
  • Murder-suicide seen in desert deaths of California couple
    SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (AP) — A young couple whose disappearance in the blazing summer heat of Joshua Tree National Park launched an urgent search died in a murder-suicide, Southern California authorities said Friday.... Read more »
  • Three charged in shooting after white nationalist's Florida speech
    A Texas man who shot at protesters after a white nationalist's speech at the University of Florida and two brothers who urged him to "kill them" have been charged with attempted homicide, police said on Friday.... Read more »
  • 3 White Extremists Charged With Attempted Homicide Following Richard Spencer Speech
    Three white extremists were arrested and charged with attempted homicide after they got into an argument and fired on a group of people protesting white nationalist Richard Spencer’s speech in Gainesville, Florida, police said Friday.... Read more »